Large File Transfer System

upload send invitation  
From: your email address
To: receiver email address
Attach: click "Browse..." to attach a file
(maximum size is 797M)
Time limit: available period
Use "Upload" for communication inside PLIVA network.
If you want to give access to a person outside PLIVA network, click "Send Invitation" tab.

When to use Large File Transfer System?
When you want to send a file that cannot be sent via regular
mail system because of the limit on attachment size.

How does it work?
File sent via this application will be uploaded on PLIVA server.
The recipient will receive an e-mail containing a link by which
she/he can easily download the file.

How to use it?
Fill in the sender's and recipient's e-mail address and write in the message.
Upload the wanted file, using browse options. Define the period of time
in which you want the file to be available to recipient on the server.
At the end, press the send button.

How to allow a colleague outside PLIVA to use this application?
These pages are not available outside the PLIVA network.
If a colleague outside PLIVA wants to send you a large file and cannot
do it because it exceeds the limit on attachment size, you can give
her/him access to this application. Choose the "Send Invitation" option
and write in the e-mail addresses and the message. Press the send option.
She/he will receive the link to this application.